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Templates for Human Research

Additional Protocol Templates

Reference ID Template Name
HRP-503 Virginia Tech Human Research Protocol
HRP-503 Tips for the Virginia Tech Human Research Protocol

Survey Research Template

This protocol template is designed for human subjects research that involves surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, or educational tests. This new template is similar to the original version and includes all the required elements, but has been modified to be more applicable to these types of research activities, resulting in a shorter protocol template. If you are unsure of what template is the most appropriate, please email

Tips for the Survey Research Template

Virginia Tech Athletics Department Protocol on Student-Athlete Participation in Research

Virginia Tech Athletics Department receives numerous requests for student-athletes and teams to participate in research. As part of the university community, the Virginia Tech Athletics Department would like to foster research opportunities within the community in a safe, productive, and ethical manner. In order to protect student-athlete’s welfare and privacy, they require that all proposed research projects be sent to the Virginia Tech Athletics Department research subcommittee for review and approval before having any contact with coaching staff or student-athletes. The subcommittee will not review any applications without an IRB approval.

  Virginia Tech Flyer Template
  Existing Data Protocol
  Human Research Determination Form

Consent Forms

Reference ID Template Name
HRP-502 Biomedical Consent
Social Behavior Informed Consent  

Information Sheet

An information sheet can be used for human subjects research that qualifies for an exemption and when the IRB has approved a waiver of documentation of informed consent.

Reference ID Template Name
  Information Sheet for Studies Without Consent

Assent Template

This template should be used for studies in which the researcher plans to obtain assent. “Assent” means a child’s affirmative agreement to participate in research. For research studies that involve minors assent can be obtained from children who are capable of providing assent.

Reference ID Template Name
HRP-502.A Assent Template

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