Training (CITI)

Virginia Tech’s Human Research Protection Program uses industry standard training required at peer universities and federal research institutions. The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training is transferrable and meets requirements for collaborative or multi-site studies. If a researcher has previously taken CITI human protections training either at Virginia Tech or at another institution, they can affiliate with Virginia Tech through their CITI account to transfer completed courses without retaking them.

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Getting started with CITI

  1. To access the CITI training program click on the following link and select Register.

  2. In the Select Your Organization Affiliation enter Virginia Polytechnic and State University (SSO)

  3. Agree to the terms and confirm you are an affiliate of VT.

  4. Select to continue with the SSO option.

  5. Enter your PID and VT password.

  6. Once in the CITI program our can select the modules that are recommended for your area of research. To do this you will be asked a series of questions or options appropriate to your role in Human Subject Research / Lab-Animal Welfare / Biosafety / Export Controls / COI or other. This will determine your Learner Group.

  7. To assure that the CITI training provides you with the greatest benefit Virginia Tech has pre-selected the required and optional modules for each Learner Group. Your answers to the “Select Curriculum” questions will guide the module selection for your specific research area. The Basic Core Courses will require 4-6 hours to complete depending on the curriculum. These courses can be completed at your own pace and you can return to a module at any time.

  8. The next page is the Main Menu. This page lists the courses chosen based on your Learner Group. The Main Menu also provides a number of Learner Tools designed to help you.
    1. The Add a Course or Update Learner Groups links allow you to go to review the enrollment questions and change your "Learner Group" by providing new responses to the enrollment questions.
    2. The View Previously Completed Coursework link allows you to see your past scores, view expirations, and print completion reports.
    3. The Update Institution Profile link allows you to update your Virginia Tech -specific details, such as your Virginia Tech PID, email, department, role in research, etc. This link will also allow you to add an affiliation with another institution that requires CITI training. The software will compare the requirements of both institutions so that you will not need to retake modules common to the requirements of both institutions.
    4. The View Instructions page link brings you back to this page.
    5. The Remove Affiliation link allows you to unaffiliate with an institution if you are no longer required to be certified under them and wish to no longer receive email notifications regarding courses under the institution. Please be aware that you will not have access to previous scores or completion reports obtained under the institution unless you remain affiliated.
  9. Click the Title of the Course to begin or continue the course.

  10. Please Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement presented at the top after clicking a course title. The system will allow you to start taking the course modules after completing it.

  11. Complete the required modules and associated quizzes.

  12. When you complete all required modules in your curriculum, you will be shown a list of Optional Modules. Please be aware that optional modules do not count towards nor appear on a completion report.

  13. When you complete all required modules successfully, you may print your completion report through the link. Print Report from your Main Menu or your Previously Completed Coursework page.
  • The minimum "passing" score for the quizzes has been set by Virginia Tech at 80%.

  • A running tally is compiled in the Grade Book. If you want to improve a score on a quiz, you may repeat any quiz that you didn't score 100% correct. Scores obtained after a completion report has been issued will not be reflected on the completion report.

  • Print or download a Completion Report for your records as evidence that you have met the Virginia Tech requirements. A copy will be sent automatically to the Virginia Tech CITI administrator. You may return to the course site in the future to obtain a copy of the completion report. The My Reports page will allow you to access any completion reports you have earned.

  • You may submit an anonymous user satisfaction survey at the end of the course if you wish.

Technical issues should be addressed to or to 888-529-5929.

Questions regarding your requirements should be addressed to the Virginia Tech Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance Office at 540-231-9388.