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Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance Contacts

Lisa M. Lee portrait.

Lisa M. Lee

Associate Vice President for Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance

Ann Thornhill portrait.

Ann Thornhill

Administrative and Office Manager

Stephanie Trout portrait.

Stephanie Trout

Director, Animal Care and Use Program and IACUC Administrator

Regina Allen portrait.

Regina Allen

Institutional Biosafety  Committee  Program Director and Institutional Biosafety Committee Administrator

Cristen Jandreau portrait

Cristen Jandreau

Director, Research Conflict of Interest Program and University Official for Financial COI (Sponsored Projects)

Barbara DeCausey portrait

Barbara DeCausey

Director, Human Research Protection Program

Kory Trott portrait

Kory Trott

Director, Research Integrity and Consultation Program

Julie Cook portrait.

Julie Cook

Director, Privacy and Research Data Protection Program

Tamara Allen portrait.

Tamara Allen

First-Generation Student Intern

Ga'Daisyia Gupton portrait.

Ga'Daisyia Gupton

First-Generation Student Intern

John Hunter portrait.

John Hunter

First-Generation Student Intern

North End Center, Virginia Tech
300 Turner Street NW
Blacksburg, VA  24061

Questions?  Reach out to our office via the following:

540-231-9388 (Phone)
540-231-0959 (Fax)

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