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Contacts for Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

Research Conflict of Interest Program

The RCOI Program is available for COI and COC consultations. Please call 540-231-9376 or email with your questions relating to outside activity or financial interest disclosure.

Leadership & Staff

Cristen Jandreau portrait.

Cristen Jandreau

Director, Research Conflict of Interest Program

Quinn Steen portrait.

Quinn Steen

Research Conflict of Interest Coordinator

Caley Dugan portrait.

Caley Dugan

Research Conflict of Interest Coordinator

Leslie Thornton-O'Brien portrait.

Leslie Thornton-O'Brien

Research Conflict of Interest Administrative Specialist

Additional Contact Information

There are many disclosure and COI stakeholders across the university. The RCOI program will forward your concern to the applicable stakeholder, as needed.

  • Faculty should review OSP’s website, which outlines the current requirements for disclosing to certain federal sponsors, and contact their pre-award associate with questions.
  • Contact Procurement at for questions about owning or working for a company related to university purchasing.
  • Contact the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance for questions about international entity collaborations.
  • Salaried staff must disclose additional employment outside of the Disclosure and Management System. Staff should review Policy 4070 and contact their supervisors/HR for questions about additional employment disclosure.


Research Conflict of Interest Program
North End Center, Suite 4120
300 Turner Street NW
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Mail Code: 0497

Fax Number: 540-231-0959 (Attn: RCOI)