The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation supports the university community and its missions by

  • fostering quality research and scholarship
  • providing access to funding information
  • enhancing the ability to respond to national research priorities and pursue opportunities
  • encouraging and directing inquiry into new and emerging fields
  • promoting solutions to problems and advances of basic knowledge in diverse disciplines and through interdisciplinary cooperation
  • ensuring compliance with policies and procedures related to research
  • marketing faculty talent and university capabilities within the university community and to external audiences
  • fostering partnerships with outside agencies and businesses.

Virginia Tech has widely respected strengths in engineering and the life sciences and our ability to marshal research resources and integrate capabilities across disciplines has enabled us to solve many complex problems.

We are building future research capability based on these traditional and unique strengths, guided by the Virginia Tech Long-Range Plan - A Plan for a New Horizon: Envisioning Virginia Tech, 2012-2018.

In addition, we continue to support faculty members' insight and creativity in exploring new directions.  Such exploration has been responsible for much of this nation's creation of new knowledge and leadership in many arenas that contribute to our quality of life.


As Vice President for Research and Innovation, Theresa Mayer is responsible for maintaining a dynamic, scalable, and competitive research environment at Virginia Tech.

Administrative Units

Our administrative units, staff, and partners help to advance the University’s research mission through a set of strategic areas of focus and a shared vision.