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Sponsored Programs Tools

The following tools are available to assist researchers throughout the lifecycle of their sponsored research at the university.

Summit Proposals

Summit Proposals allows faculty and departmental support staff to start the proposal process to initiate a proposal or request a budget. The entire process for development, management, and approval takes place in Summit Proposals. As a result, all the communication, documents, and data are in one place.

Summit Agreements

Summit Agreements (SA) allows users to initiate and review progress on research-related agreements managed by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Summit Agreements is integrated with Summit Proposals (SP) to display answers and files provided at the proposal stage and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) Protocol Management systems to list protocols that are linked to the proposal.

Award Management

Provides specific views tailored to roles within the research community. The system assists department managers in managing sponsored research portfolios across their organization. The faculty view provides principal investigators a portfolio summary as well as a detailed view of individual awards with expenses for all funds, awards and proposal documents as well as reporting, compliance, and final invoice deadlines. In addition to moving the Post Award process paperless, the tool provides numerous alerts as well as visibility into projects in order to provide fast, accurate, and complete program administration.

Cost Share

This tool allows Office of Sponsored Programs cost share fund budgets to be submitted and tracked by post-award administrators.


Cayuse 424 is the web-based front end for submission of proposals to and also allows submission to the National Science Foundation through as an alternative to Fastlane.  It makes it easier for researchers to search for funding opportunities and provides auto-filling of faculty profiles and interactive error-checking in a streamlined interface to and

All submissions are required to be entered through Cayuse 424.

Awards Database

This tool provides information about sponsored research projects at Virginia Tech.

Note: The extract currently shows information for Principal Investigators only. Co-Principal Investigators are not itemized.

Limited Submissions

This tool manages internal competition, including the dissemination, internal submission, and notifications on sponsored programs that have "agency limits" on the number of submissions from each institution.

Project Authorization Notice Distribution

The Project Authorization Notice (PAN) is a notice sent via email to notify the principal investigator and designated departmental personnel that a project has been accepted and a fund established. The tool provides a location for principal investigators, fund managers and business managers to view and review issued PANs.

Research Financials

The Research Financials application was created to help Virginia Tech researchers manage their research projects and other Banner funds by providing them with direct access to account balances, detailed transaction history and a payroll statement.  This data is all captured from Banner and organized in a user-friendly and easily accessible manner.


If you have quetions or need assistance with any of the tools, please e-mail

If you have questions regarding Summit, you may e-mail or reach out to your Pre-Award Associate (if you are unsure of the pre-award associate, please see the Pre-Award distribution sheet).