Electronic Research Administration

The following web applications are available to assist in research administration at Virginia Tech.


Sponsored Programs Tools

Summit Proposals

Summit Proposals allows users to initiate, develop, and collaborate more research with less paperwork.

VT Award Management

Designed to assist in managing sponsored research portfolios across an organization.

Agreements Tracking

Cost Share

Designed to allow OSP Cost Share Fund Budgets to be submitted and tracked by Post Award Administrators.

Awards Database

Designed to provide information about sponsored research projects at Virginia Tech. A valid Virginia Tech PID and password is required for access.

Limited Submissions

Designed to provide for the dissemination/submission/notification/competition for sponsored programs that have "agency limits" on the number of submissions from each institution.

Pan Distribution

Designed to allow OSP PAN Requests to be submitted by Post Award Administrators to the Processors for review and entry, as well as provide a location for PIs, Fund Managers and Business Managers to view and review PANs.

Research Financials

Research Compliance Tools

COI: Disclosure and Management  

Designed to allow university employees to submit Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosures and manage any Management Plans (MP) associated with employee-owned businesses.

Integrity (RCR/COI) Training Tracker

Designed to support sending RCR/COI training notifications and non-compliance letters and managing RCR/COI training requirements for NIH and NSF Grant projects.

IRB Protocol Management

Allows researchers (both VT and non-VT) to submit IRB (human subject) applications online, track the progress of submitted applications, and save IRB protocol-related documents online.

IACUC Protocol Management

Allows researchers (both Virginia Tech and non-Virginia Tech) to submit IACUC (animal use) applications online, track the progress of submitted applications, and save IACUC protocol-related documents online.

Temporary Export Certification (TMP)

TCP Review & Annual Compliance Certification

Designed to automate the Annual Compliance Certification process for Primary Investigators and Department Heads, as well as provide up-to-date information for project personnel and department heads to review.

Miscellaneous Tools


Designed to allow researchers, faculty, and other Virginia Tech affiliated individuals, to share files with any staff member working in the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation.

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