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Research Financials

The Research Financials application was created to help Virginia Tech researchers manage their research projects and other Banner funds by providing them with direct access to account balances, detailed transaction history and a payroll statement.  This data is all captured from Banner and organized in a user-friendly and easily accessible manner. 

Note that these figures include only DIRECT activity.  INDIRECT or Overhead budgets and actuals are omitted, as are billings to sponsors and payments from sponsors. 

A principal investigator should use this each month to quickly review the operating expenses and salary charges on each of their projects, and alert the unit business manager immediately with any questions or changes that are necessary.

The Monthly Fund Statement lists all funds assigned to a PI with the balance numbers for a specific month that includes access to account details. 

The Semester Payroll Statement is a breakdown of the selected semester by the percentages of effort charged to each fund for every pay period.