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Award Management

The Award Management tool provides specific views tailored to roles within the research community.  The tool assists department managers in managing sponsored research portfolios across their organization.  The faculty view provides principal investigators a portfolio summary as well as a detailed view of individual awards with expenses for all funds, awards and proposal documents as well as reporting, compliance, and final invoice deadlines.  In addition to moving the post-award process paperless, the tool provides numerous alerts as well as visibility into projects in order to provide fast, accurate, and complete program administration.

The Office of Sponsored Programs performs daily management of awards using the system, which assists them with gathering information, complying with sponsor requirements, reconciling financial information, tracking project timelines, and accurately closing out projects. Department managers benefit from access to information in order to provide rapid customer service to their faculty.  Faculty members benefit from a central portal for access to current award details, expenses, for managing, reporting and compliance as well as extensions and budget needs.


Contact your post-award associate for help/information regarding this system or contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at to provide feedback.

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