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Core IACUC Training Through the AALAS Learning Library

Core IACUC Training Through the AALAS Learning Library

Instructions to Enroll in the AALAS Learning Library

  1. Please go to
  2. Click "Subscribe" (Located in the top right of the page.)
  3. Question: Were you provided an access code by an institution already subscribed to the AALAS learning Library? Click "Yes".
  4. Enter your access code:  657VirginiaTech
  5. Click submit
  6. Enter your personal data and account details (use your VT PID and email or if you do not have one, register as a VT guest described under #7 below). For guest users only: enter N/A for any fields that are VT specific and do not apply.
  7. If you do not have a VT PID please register here as a Guest user before taking training.  Your new registered Guest ID should be used as your username/identifier when completing training requirements.
  8. You will be placed on a wait list to be granted an account in the system by the VT Group Coordinators for the AALAS Learning Library.  The VT Group Coordinators are Vanessa Oetjens ( and Stephanie Trout ( The wait list is checked at least once each business day for new applicants and VT status is verified before an account is granted
  9. If you do not receive access within 2 business days, please contact one of the VT Group Coordinators. Note: You may study the course without an account but DO NOT take any exams for which credit is desired until you have an account and are logged into the system.

To Log in and Take "Working With the IACUC" Online Course:

  1. After confirmation of your enrollment, please log onto AALAS
  2. Click on "Tracks" in the left hand margin.
  3. Click on "Virginia Tech Core IACUC-Related Training"
  4. Click on "Working With the IACUC"
  5. Complete the Profile including all astericked items. Any items that do not apply state N/A.
  6. Click on "Working With the IACUC", click start.
  7. Complete the Lessons and Take the Exam.

Course Tips:

  1. You may stop and resume the course at any time.
  2. Chapters or lessons that you have opened but not necessarily completed will be in a different font color than unopened lessons.
  3. You may click on any of the links throughout the course without interruption.  Usually, a second window will be opened up to display the new information.
  4. The Practice Question(s) available at the end of each section are optional, but the exam at the end of the course is not.
  5. When you complete the course, print the completion certificate for your records. A transcript will also be maintained online for the Group Coordinator to view. There is no need to send a copy of the certificate to the IACUC Office.
  6. The Final Exam at the end of the course is the required element of this course. Study may be completed online or via hardcopies available from the IACUC Office.