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Incident Reporting

Incidents involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids &/or modified organisms

The NIH Guidelines require that “any significant problems, violations, or any significant research-related accidents and illnesses” be reported to NIH Office of Science Policy (NIH OSP) within 30 days. Appendix G of the NIH Guidelines specifies certain types of accidents that must be reported on a more expedited basis. Specifically, Appendix G-II-B-2-k requires that spills and accidents in BL2 laboratories resulting in an overt exposure must be immediately reported to the NIH OSP (as well as the IBC). In addition, Appendices G-II-C-2-q and G-II-D-2-k require that spills or accidents occurring in high containment (BL3 or BL4) laboratories resulting in an overt or potential exposure must be immediately reported to OSP (as well as the IBC and BSO).  Complete the IBC Incident Report Template, and send a copy to the IBC Program Director.


Incident Reporting Contacts

Director, IBC Program Office- Regina Allen: primary method: 540-231-1910 | secondary method:

University Biosafety Officer - Charlotte Waggoner: primary method: 540-320-5864 | secondary method:

Associate Biosafety Officer - Chris Wakley: primary method: 540-320-2089 | secondary method:

Associate Biosafety Officer - Anna Kroner: primary method: 540-525-8574 | secondary method:

  1. As soon as any initial response is complete and incident is stable, immediately notify the lab director and/or lab manager, the animal facility or greenhouse manager (if applicable), and the University Biosafety Officer (UBO).

  2. The UBO will acknowledge receipt of notification via email (to document notification) to the reporting person and other appropriate personnel.
    • NOTE: If the UBO does not acknowledge receipt of notification within two (2) hours, notify an Associate Biosafety Officer (ABO).
    • If email is not available, the UBO/ABO will acknowledge receipt via phone call to the reporting person and other appropriate personnel.
  3. Reporting person and lab director/ lab manger/animal facility manager must complete Virginia Tech Lab Incident Report and submit it to EHS via email ( immediately. The lab incident report can be downloaded at Virginia Tech Lab Incident Report.

  4. UBO/ABO will acknowledge receipt of the report via email.

  5. UBO/ABO will complete the appropriate state and/or federal reporting forms and submit them to the NIH and/or CDC, as applicable.

  6. If an injury or exposure has occurred, an Employer’s Accident Report must be completed immediately by the supervisor.

  7. If the supervisor does not complete the Employer's Accident Report in a timely manner, injured/exposed individuals are encouraged to complete the report themselves.

  8. If the incident involves recombinant/synthetic nucleic acids, modified animals, modified plants, and/or other modified organisms, the incident needs to be reported to the IBC Program Director ( within 24 hours after the incident has occurred.   As part of your report to the IBC Program Director, include a copy of the completed IBC Incident Report Template.