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13. Use of Expired Drugs and Products

Virginia Tech subscribes to USDA APHIS Policy #3 regarding the use of expired drugs and materials in animal use activities:

"The use of expired medical materials such as drugs, fluids, or sutures on animals is not considered to be acceptable veterinary practice and does not constitute adequate veterinary as required by the regulations promulgated under the Animal Welfare Act. The facility must either dispose of all such materials or segregate them and in an appropriately labeled, physically separate location from non-expired medical materials." Drugs administered to relieve pain or distress and emergency drugs must not be used beyond their expiration date.

Thus, expired materials such as sutures or irrigation solutions may be used in acute terminal procedures or in cadavers. However, they must be removed from similar, in-date materials and clearly labeled: "Expired Materials For Acute Terminal Use Only" Not for use in Survival Surgeries

NO expired anesthetic or analgesic drugs may be used in terminal or other procedures.