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All personnel who are involved in the use of animals for either teaching or research at Virginia Tech have a responsibility for appropriate animal care and use. Further, each individual is accountable, by law, to conform to the basic regulations and policies governing animal use at this university. These regulations and policies cover:

  1. The acquisition, care, and use of animals
  2. Efforts to minimize pain and distress of animals
  3. The training of personnel using animals
  4. Consideration of alternatives to animal use.

The purpose of this Online Training Session is to provide the Virginia Tech-Specific IACUC training as required by University policy and Federal regulations. Further information regarding the care and use of animals at Virginia Tech is available at the URL below or by contacting staff at either the IACUC Office, Central Vivarium (LS-1), ILSB Vivarium, Derring Hall Vivarium or CVM TRACSS (Teaching and Research Animal Care Support Services).