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Participating Faculty Mentors

Virginia Tech faculty who have expressed interest in mentoring a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow are listed below. Note, however, that any faculty member at Virginia Tech can host a fellow as part of this program. Postdoctoral associates interested in applying for a fellowship should contact a potential faculty mentor directly to enquire about overall alignment with this program.

The search box above the faculty mentors table provides the ability to search the list by the fellowship track the faculty are participating in (Research Frontiers, Cybersecurity, Innovation), the relevant Research Frontier area of their work, department, faculty name, as well as research areas of particular interest for the fellow. Using this box can help refine your search for faculty mentors relevant to your research training and goals.  

Virginia Tech faculty who would like to appear on this page as a potential Virginia Tech Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow mentor in the academic year 2022-23,  should submit this form.

Check back frequently, as more mentors will be added to this list.

Luo, Xin
Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Health FrontierEmailImmunology; preferably mucosal immunology
Santos, Webster
Health FrontierEmailDrug discovery; Medicinal Chemistry; Organic Synthesis; Multiple Sclerosis; Fatty Liver Disease; Kidney Fibrosis; Obesity
Yu, Jia-Ray
Fralin Biomedical Research Institute
Health FrontierEmailEpigenetics, Cancer, Chromatin, Pediatric Brain Tumor
Xiao, Shuhai
Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailGeobiology, Astrobiology, Paleobiology, Earth System History
Ji, Bo
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailNext-Generation Networks; Online Learning; Bayesian Optimization; Network Security; Security and Privacy in AV/VR Systems
Quan, Lina
Quantum FrontierEmailSpin-manipulation in hybrid semiconductors for spintronic and circular polarized optical related applications.
Eastwood, Gillian
Health FrontierEmailVector-borne disease ecology (arbovirus and vector ecology, enzootic pathogen transmission) with a One Health perspective
Gao, Peng
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailSecurity, privacy, systems, networking, AI
Escobar, Luis
Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailDisease biogeography; Ecological niche modeling; Global Health Security; Ecology; Biodiversity; Disease Mapping; Global Change; Climate Change;
Murali, T. M.
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailprotein interaction networks, pandemic prevention, host-pathogen interactions, deep learning, single-cell genomics
Shi, Yi
Commonwealth Cyber Initiative
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailWireless networks; wireless communications; network security; optimization; machine learning
Li, Liwu
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailInnate immunity, inflammation, heart disease, sepsis, immune cells
Marston, Landon
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Security FrontierEmailwater security; human-water systems; water scarcity; climate change; water use; interdependent infrastructure; water governance; food-energy-water nexus
Marr, Linsey
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Health FrontierEmailairborne transmission of viruses; pathogen detection in air
Jarome, Timothy
Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences and the School of Neuroscience
Health FrontierEmailNeurobiology of Learning and Memory; Epigenetics; Ubiquitin-Proteasome Signaling; Sex Differences
Auguste, Albert
Health FrontierEmailVaccine development; Flavivirus; Orthobunyavirus; Arbovirus pathogenesis and animal model development; Virus-virus and host-virus interactions; Correlates of protection.
Deng, Xinwei
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailmachine learning; statistical modeling; design of experiments
Lee, Sang Won
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailHCI; AI-mediated Communication; Mixed-initiative systems; Hybrid Intelligence
Lim, Theodore
School of Public and International Affairs
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailUrban and environmental analytics, resilience to climate change, urban infrastructure (especially water infrastructures)
Mehrizi-Sani, Ali
Security FrontierEmailPower system cybersecurity, 5G for integration of renewables
Lou, Wenjing
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailFor this position, the applicant must have experience and knowledge in two or more areas of the following: wireless security related to spectrum research, 5G/B5G wireless network architecture and protocol security, security and privacy of IoT systems, security and privacy in connected and autonomous vehicles, trustworthy machine learning systems, privacy protection technologies, blockchain and decentralized systems. In addition, the applicant must have excellent communication skills, both oral and written, in English, and have completed a Ph.D. degree in CS, CE, EE or other closely related disciplines by the time of employment.
Couvillon, Margaret
Security FrontierEmailPollinator Biology and Ecology; Honey Bee Foraging and Recruitment; Honey Bee Communication
Chen, Juhong
Biological Systems Engineering
Health FrontierEmailBiological engineering, Food engineering, Biosensing engineering
Davy, Kevin
Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Health FrontierEmailCardiometabolic dysfunction in obesity and aging
Doan, Thinh
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailCybersecurity, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Game Theory, Optimization, Control Theory, Multi-Agent Systems
Sikora, Jamie
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security Frontier, Quantum FrontierEmailQuantum Cryptography; Quantum Information; Quantum Computing
Luther, Kurt
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailhuman-computer interaction; social computing; crowdsourcing; human-AI collaboration; open source intelligence; misinformation; digital humanities
Czuba, Jonathan
Biological Systems Engineering
Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailEcological Restoration; Environmental Modeling and Simulation; Environmental Data Analysis and Visualization; Pollution in Freshwater Systems; Watersheds, Lake, and Reservoir Management; Climate Change; Disaster Resilience
Bai, Xianming (David)
Materials Science and Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Quantum FrontierEmailAtomistic-level modeling the properties of functional materials such as semiconductors, battery materials, and solar cell materials
Whitehead, Susan
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailplant evolutionary ecology; chemical ecology; agroecology
Rakha, Hesham
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailAI-based traffic state prediction; transportation cyber security; AI-based driver behavior modeling
Williams, Mark
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Health FrontierEmailsoil health, plant health, sustainable, plant-microbe interactions, mutualisms, microbial ecology
Morrison, Travis
Security Frontier, Quantum FrontierEmailNumber theory; cryptography; post-quantum cryptography;
Hou, Tom
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailAI/ML or cybersecurity for 5G/next-G
Nussbaum, Maury
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Health FrontierEmailRemote healthcare; rehabilitation; aging; adaptive physical training
Muller Vasconcelos, Marcos
Commonwealth Cyber Initiative
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailMy research interests are in the general area of multi-agent systems (both natural and artificial) and designing robust intelligent devices that can learn and adapt to make provably optimal distributed decisions with applications in robotics and sensor networks.
Lim, Sol
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Health FrontierEmailWearable sensing technology to improve human health and well-being; inclusive design; multimodal feedback
Easton, Zachary
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailUse inspired AI; climate smart agriculture; analytics; hybrid AI modeling; decision making; climate risk
Nain, Amrinder
Mechanical Engineering
Health FrontierEmailbiomechanics, cell forces, cell motility, mitosis, cell death, nucleus and chromatin biology, focal adhesions, organoid biology, contact inhibition of locomotion
King-Casas, Brooks
Health FrontierEmailcomputational psychiatry; decision-making; functional neuroimaging
Sun, Wujin
Biological Systems Engineering
Health FrontierEmailBiomaterials; Drug delivery; Synthetic Biology
Cheng, Jiangtao
Mechanical Engineering
Health FrontierEmailMicro/Nano-fluidics, Optofluidics, Heat transfer, Sustainable energy, Biosensing
Saad, Walid
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security Frontier, Quantum FrontierEmailwireless networks including 5G, 6G, and beyond with applications of AI; machine learning: fundamentals and applications; distributed and federated learning; security of cyber-physical and wireless systems; AI, communications, and security for autonomous robotics (drones, autonomous cars, etc.); game theory and applications to AI, quantum, and security; Quantum communications and quantum machine learning.
Childs, Lauren
Health FrontierEmailMulti-scale modeling of infectious disease; Incorporation of heterogeneity in infectious disease dynamics.
Bansal, Manish
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Security FrontierEmailStochastic and Distributionally Robust Optimization; Homeland Security; Logistics; Telerobotics; Integer Programming; Game Theory; Network Interdiction; Operations Research
Cohen, Alasdair
Population Health Sciences
Health FrontierEmailEnvironmental Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Rural Health, Rural Poverty, Indicators
Duraj-Thatte, Anna
Biological Systems Engineering
Health FrontierEmailEngineered Living Materials; Biomaterials; Synthetic Biology; Protein Engineering; Sustainable Materials
Sheng, Zhi
Fralin Biomedical Research Institute
Health FrontierEmailA PhD in cancer biology/biochemistry/bioinformatics.
Zhang, Mike
Biological Systems Engineering
Health FrontierEmailDevelopment of nano-vaccines against psychoactive compounds.
Bertke, Andrea
Population Health Sciences
Health FrontierEmailNeurovirology; emerging viruses; viral pathogenesis in animal models; neuronal regulation of virus infections.
Weger, James
Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Health FrontierEmailmosquito-borne viruses; SARS-CoV-2; host-virus-environment interactions; virus evolution; virus transmission; vaccines; antivirals
Chung, Tijay
Computer Science
Security FrontierEmailinternet security; internet measurement; internet privacy
Pruden, Amy
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailAntibiotic Resistance, Opportunistic Pathogens, Sustainable Water Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Metagenomics, Bioinformatics,
Hawley, Dana
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailinfectious disease ecology and evolution; wildlife disease
Arena, Christopher
Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Health FrontierEmailPostdoctoral Engineer and Surgical Resident Biodesign training program with Carilion Clinic, Preparation for entrepreneurial careers in the medical device industry, Co-PI David Salzberg, Director of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
Seyyedhasani, Hasan
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailRobotics and Automation for Agricultural Applications; Sensing Systems and Data Analytics for Precision Agriculture; Machine Systems and Machines Management for Agricultural Mechatronics
Tuohy, Joanne
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Health FrontierEmailComparative oncology; osteosarcoma; tumor immunology; tumor ablation; focused ultrasound; high-frequency irreversible electroporation
Biase, Fernando
Animal and Poultry Sciences
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailinfertility; machine learning; embryo development; genomics
Bartlett, Michael
Mechanical Engineering
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailSoft robotics; Multifunctional materials; Wearables
Matson, John
Health FrontierEmailPolymer synthesis; drug delivery
Savla, J. Tina
Center for Gerontology & Dept. of Human Development
Health FrontierEmailStress, Health, and Well-Being in Mid and Late Life; Family Relationships, Support Networks, and Caregiving; Chronic Disease Management (e.g., Dementia); Longitudinal Designs and Daily Diary Methods
Kehn-Hall, Kylene
Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailencephalitic alphaviruses; mouse models; molecular characterization (proteomics, transcriptomics, biomarkers) of neuropathology; evaluation of neurological sequelae, interdisciplinary; machine learning; biodefense; therapeutic testing for the prevention of neuropathology
Kekatos, Vassilis
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Quantum FrontierEmailQuantum computing for electric power systems problems; Quantum computing for statistical signal processing
Bowman, Doug
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailaugmented reality; virtual reality; intelligent interfaces; human-computer interaction; user experience
Yang, Yalong
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailvisualization; virtual reality; augmented reality; user interface; human-computer interaction; interaction design; immersive analytics; data analytics; human-centered AI
Barrett, John
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailClimate change, polar ecology, ecological resilience
Shortridge, Julie
Biological Systems Engineering
Security FrontierEmailClimate change; environmental security; integrated systems modeling; data analytics
Chandel, Abhilash
Biological Systems Engineering
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailThe successful candidate will work in the Precision Agriculture Technologies and Data Management program. The broad research areas include but are not limited to: Remote sensing and GIS (Ground, Aerial and Satellite-based), Internet-of-Things, Cloud computing, Edge-computing, smartphone applications, Data and AI-driven crop production management, Big-data acquisition and management in agricultural cropping systems, crop water use modeling and mapping, non-destructive sensing and management of abiotic/biotic crop stress through machine/deep learning, and advanced data science. The successful candidate is expected to be creative, self-motivated, possess good research attitude, encompass dynamic problem solving skills and have a strong desire to learn and collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment. The candidate is expected to communicate research results through high quality peer-reviewed journal and conference publications and deliver presentations at national/international professional meetings.
Behkam, Bahareh
Mechanical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, MII, TBMH, GBCB)
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmail"Engineering bacterial therapeutics with synthetic biology", "Biophysics of bacterial interstitial and intravascular transport", "Machine learning-guided design of biomaterials"
Wright, Clay
Biological Systems Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailplant synthetic biology; protein engineering; directed evolution; ubiquitin-proteasome system; hormone signaling; quantitative biology; flow cytometry; biosensors
Kibilda, Jacek
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Security FrontierEmail6G security
Ferretti, Francesco
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailThe postdoc will work on projects involving the use of machine learning and AI to promote transparency in global fisheries and combat illegal fishing
Yang, Chin-Cheng Scotty
Department of Entomology
Health FrontierEmailVirus evolution; Virus spillover; Arthropod-microbe pathogen interactions; Ecology, evolution and management of invasive species
Matthews, Gretchen
Security Frontier, Quantum FrontierEmaildata storage, protection, and security, especially coding theory and cryptography
Dhillon, Harpreet
Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security Frontier, Quantum FrontierEmailWireless networks, communication theory, stochastic geometry, statistical machine learning
Lemkul, Justin
Health Frontier, Quantum FrontierEmailMolecular dynamics simulations, polarizable force field development, computer-aided drug design
Ovissipour, Reza
Food Science and Technology
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailI am working on using AI for developing serum free media for cell based meat.
Mims, Meryl
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailBiodiversity; Environmental Modeling and Simulation; Invasive Species; Watershed Management
VandeVord, Pamela
Health FrontierEmailTraumatic Brain Injury; prevention, diagnosis and treatment
Davalos, Rafael
Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Health FrontierEmailMy research interests are in microfluidics for personalized medicine and developing technologies for cancer therapy.
Robert, Michael
Health FrontierEmailmathematical biology; infectious disease; disease emergence; climate change and infectious diseases; mosquito-borne disease; mosquito control; Argentina; Dominican Republic; Latin America; dengue
Sorice, Michael
Department of Forest Resources & Environmental Conservation
Health FrontierEmailConservation Biology Social Science
Hopkins, William
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Health FrontierEmailConservation physiology; ecotoxicology; biodiversity conservation; physiological ecology
Edgar, Kevin
Health FrontierEmailCreation of novel block copolymers from natural polysaccharides; novel condensation, displacement, and metathesis chemistries; enabling high performance, biodegradable plastics to supplant non-biodegradable petroleum based plastics; eliminating the environmental issues caused by such persistent non-degradable plastics.
Strahm, Brian
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Health FrontierEmailforest and soil biogeochemistry ecosystem ecology global change ecosystem services carbon and nutrient cycling environmental quality soil health
Sharakhov, Igor
Health FrontierEmailmalaria mosquitoes, epigenetics, chromatin, three-dimensional genome organization, topologically-associating domains, vector-borne diseases
Liao, Jingqiu
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailfoodborne pathogens; antimicrobial resistance; microbial ecology and evolution
Kelly, Marcella
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Health FrontierEmailEcological data analysis and modeling; parameter estimation for wildlife species; capture mark recapture; occupancy estimation
Woolsey, Craig
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailModeling and control of ocean and atmospheric vehicles, particularly nonlinear, Lyapunov-based methods that leverage the mechanical system structure of the dynamic equations.
Coates, Adam
Health FrontierEmailWildland fire ecology and management, forest management
Carey, Cayelan
Biological Sciences
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailWater quality forecasting and modeling; Freshwater ecology; Ecosystem science; Environmental data science; Ecological forecasting; Drinking water management; Coupled human-natural freshwater systems
Gray, Austin
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailResearch priorities are focused on addressing questions related to environmental toxicology, primarily using physiological and ecological approaches to examine the impacts of legacy and emerging contaminants (PAHs, POPs, microplastics, nanoplastics, and pharmaceuticals) from anthropogenic influence and assessing their risk to a variety of freshwater and marine organisms.
Li, Ling
Mechanical Engineering
Security FrontierEmailMaterials, Bio-inspired Materials, Biomineralization, Light Weight Materials
Munson, Jennifer
Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Health FrontierEmailBrain biotransport, tissue engineered models of disease, in vivo imaging, cancer, Alzheimer's Disease
Yao, Danfeng (Daphne)
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailMy goal is to develop translational and deployable machine learning solutions for challenging problems, including digital health and cyber defenses, with a shared focus on accuracy, trustworthiness, and discovering new insights.
Viswanath, Bimal
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailMachine learning and security; Adversarial machine learning; Defending AI-powered threats; Data-driven security
Lu, Chang
Chemical Engineering
Health FrontierEmailMicrofluidic genomic technology, epigenomics, brain neuroscience
Howell, Brittany
Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC, and Human Development and Family Science
Health FrontierEmailImpact of maternal contexts on early nutrition (e.g., feeding practices and milk composition) and brain development, with a focus on community engagement
Pan, Yuchin
Fralin Biomedical Research Institute
Health FrontierEmailStress neurobiology; developmental biology;
Chiu, Pearl
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailhuman cognitive neuroscience; decision-making; clinical psychology; motivated behavior
Legon, Wynn
School of Neuroscience
Health FrontierEmailEEG; MRI; Neuromodulation; Focused ultrasound; Pain; Addiction; Mental Health; Human;
Wynne, Randolph
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailmonitoring and modeling climate adaptation and mitigation in terrestrial forest ecosystems
Iliescu, Traian
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmaildata-driven modeling; turbulence
Ciupe, Stanca
Health FrontierEmailMathematical modeling of within-host viral infections, theoretical immunology and multi-scale infectious diseases.
Hoang, Thang
Computer Science
Security FrontierEmailapplied cryptography; privacy-enhancing technologies; secure computation; blockchain; secure and trustworthy machine learning
Jiao, Yan
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailPopulation dynamics modeling and fisheries management under climate changing
Huang, Haibo
Food Science and Technology
Health FrontierEmail"Food Engineering", "Sustainable Food Processing", "Analytical Food Chemistry", "Data Science"
Lin, Feng
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailUsing AI and ML to solve problems in electric vehicle batteries
Yin, Yun
Food Science and Technology
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailflavor; quality; volatile; secondary metabolites
Deshmukh, Sanket
Chemical Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailArtificial Intelligence, Data Science, Multi-scale Modeling, Health, Energy, Biomedical
McGuire, Kevin
Forest Resources and Enivronmental Conservation and VA Water Resources Research Center
NAEmailHydrology; water resources; biogeochemistry; watershed management; soil and water interactions
Socha, Jake
Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics
Health FrontierEmailComparative biomechanics; bio-inspired engineering
Liu, Lingjia
Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailNextG, AI/ML for Wireless Networks, O-RAN
Bell, Martha Ann
Health FrontierEmaildevelopmental cognitive neuroscience; infant and toddler executive function
Zhou, Dawei
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailTrustworthy Machine Learning for Graphs; Domain Adaptive Knowledge Transfer; Open Knowledge Network Mining
Stewart, Ryan
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailSoils; hydrology; one health; global change; greenhouse gases
Kindsvater, Holly
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Health FrontierEmailFisheries, Food security, climate change
Jin, Ming
Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailMachine learning, reinforcement learning, cybersecurity, optimization theory, control theory
Devenport, William
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
NAEmailExperimental Aeroacoustics and Aerodynamics
Xia, Kang
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailenvironmental chemistry in organic contaminants
Gregus, Ann
School of Neuroscience
Health FrontierEmailEarly-stage drug discovery of non-opioid mediated therapeutics for pain
Reid, Leighton
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Health FrontierEmailEnvironmental restoration in tropical forests and temperate grasslands and woodlands
Volpe, Stella
Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Health FrontierEmailMy areas of research include using nutrition/diet and exercise to prevent diabetes and obesity. Some of my research includes mineral supplementation (magnesium, zinc, iron), some includes changing the environment to increase physical activity and improve dietary intake. I also study sports nutrition.
Serrano, Elena
Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
Health FrontierEmaildevelopment and testing of interventions to promote nutrition security and physical activity among economically vulnerable youth and adults
Davy, Brenda
Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
Health FrontierEmailThe postdoctoral fellow that I propose to do-mentor with Dr. Elena Serrano is Basheerah Enahora, who is currently finishing up her doctoral degree at UNC-Greensboro. I am able to provide mentoring in clinical nutrition research, health behavior change, intervention design and implementation, and dietary assessment.
Basso, Julia
Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
Health FrontierEmailDr. Julia Basso and The Embodied Brain Laboratory at Virginia Tech study the effects of mind-body-movement practices on brain function and physiology. Terms: neuroscience; dance; body-brain connection
Cimini, Daniela
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailChromosome number alterations; cell division; cells size and tumorigenic cell behavior
Kapania, Rakesh
Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailComputational Structural Mechanics; Fluid-Structure Interaction; Artificial Intelligence; Blast Response of Lungs; Composite Materials; Multi-disciplinary Analysis and Design Optimization.
Pilot, Guillaume
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailThe Pilot lab is interested in understanding the mechanisms regulating amino acid metabolism and uptake in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, and applying this research to crops, to get more resilient and nutritious cultivars. The goal of the research would be to explore the relationship between the TOR kinase, a master regulator of metabolism, and the activity of amino acid transporters controlling the translocation of amino acids between organs of the plant.
Stevens, Ann
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailmolecular microbiology; host-microbe interactions; microbiome; gene regulation
Melville, Stephen
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailHost-pathogen interactions, bacterial pathogenesis, microbial genetics
Schmale, David
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailBiological Transport; Uncrewed (unmanned) Systems; Robotics; Environmental Sensing; Aerobiology; Pandemic Prevention and Intelligence; Toxicology; Cyberbiosecurity
Popham, David
Biological Sciences
Health FrontierEmailBacterial spore germination; Membrane biophysics; Protein superstructure
Zhu, Qin
Engineering Education
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailHuman-Robot Interaction; Social Robotics; Cross-cultural Studies of AI and Robotics; Ethics of Robotics and AI; Science and Engineering Education in the Age of AI
Wang, Vincent
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health FrontierEmailtissue biomechanics; machine learning; clinical imaging; regenerative medicine
Morris, Amanda
Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailMetal Organic Frameworks; Photocatalysis; Photophysics; Catalysis; Electrocatalysis; Drug Delivery
Thomas, Quinn
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation & Biological Sciences
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailenvironmental modeling, prediction, and forecasting; ecological dynamics; global change
Schreiber, Madeline
Health FrontierEmailwater quality, environmental health, contaminant transport
Elgart, Alexander
Quantum FrontierEmailMathematical physics (quantum mechanics, many-body systems), Spectral theory, analysis
Yu, Hang
Materials science and engineering
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailArtificial intelligence-guided clean manufacturing for supply chain development
Cheng, Rachel
Food Science and Technology
Health FrontierEmailFood Safety; Infectious Disease; Applied Microbiology; Salmonella typhoid toxin
Vaissier Welborn, Valerie
Health FrontierEmailmolecular dynamics, macromolecules, enzyme, polymer, water dynamics and interaction, ab-initio modeling, polarizable force field, electric field
Porter, Nathaniel
University Libraries & Sociology
Health Frontier, Security FrontierEmailcomputational social science; data education; open science; reproducibility
Batra, Romesh
Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics (BEAM)
Artificial Intelligence Frontier, Security FrontierEmailBlast mitigating lightweight structures with novel architectures for infrastructure security
Seyyedhasani, Hasan
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Artificial Intelligence FrontierEmailRobotic, automation, and control for agricultural applications


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