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Virginia Tech Postdoctoral Associate Travel Award program

The Postdoctoral Travel Award program seeks to assist Virginia Tech postdoctoral associates to travel to scientific conferences to supplement registration and/or travel costs to a conference or scientific meeting where they may be presenting.   

Program Details

  • Faculty supervisor or department cost shares will be given priority. 
  • Awards are capped at $500 for domestic travel.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and decisions will be made within six weeks of application due-dates.
  • Postdocs may receive more than one award each year, but the total award amount must be less than $1,000 per individual per year.
  • If a postdoc receives a travel award, within 30 days of return from the conference/event, the postdoc must submit a one-page summary of the experience, the value obtained from attending, and two to three photos from the event (i.e., the postdoc presenting, engaging with attendees/colleagues/mentors, etc).

Applications should include:

  • Short description of the research and how the conference/event supports long-term career goals
  • Itemized budget with sources and uses of funds
  • Outline of events and opportunities the postdoc plans to engage in at the conference that enhances career and professional development
  • Updated CV
  • Faculty supervisor recommendation letter indicating how attending the conference/event will benefit the postdoc’s career and professional development
  • Evidence of presentation/talk acceptance:
    • Invitation
    • Paper/poster/talk acceptance form
    • Or other correspondence from the conference

2023 Due Dates

  • February 6
  • April 24
  • July 31
  • October 30