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Procedures for Reporting Participants that Worked a Project

Federal Sponsors require the principal investigators (PIs) to submit progress reports on a periodic basis and a final report when the grant has ended. The principal investigators are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the progress reports submitted to the sponsors.

For National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, one of the crucial requirements of the progress report is a “list of participants who worked on the project” and “the nearest person month worked” for each participant. To report this information accurately, the principal investigators should work with the department’s business manager/fiscal personnel to generate a Detail Transaction Report for the NSF funds and a payroll history report for the associates who were paid from the NSF funds for the reporting period.

The Detailed Transaction Report shows all associates who were paid from the grant; and from the payroll history, the nearest person month worked can be calculated. Principal investigators should only list associates who contributed to the grant during the reporting period.

The reports can be generated from the Controller’s Office website as noted below:

Detail Transaction Report

  1. From the Finance Reporting menu, select Reconciliation
  2. Go to Transaction Detail
  3. From the Transaction Detail Version menu, select Custom
  4. In Fiscal Calendar Month and Year section, select each month from the reporting period
  5. In Funds section, enter the fund number (click on the eye glass)
  6. Run the report
  7. Export to an excel document
  8. Determine associates who worked on the grant (filter for salary and wage account codes)

Payroll History (Legacy Web Reports)

  1. Sign on to Banner Warehouse
  2. Go to Human Resources – Departmental Reports
  3. Run a payroll history by Individual
  4. Run this report for all associates who was charged to the grant for the NSF Reporting period.
  5. Calculate the total salary for employee.
  6. Determine the salary charged to the NSF grant
  7. Calculate the percent of salary charged
  8. Calculate the Nearest person month worked (percent * number of months the associate is paid


For reporting period 8/1/20 – 7/3/21: Run a payroll history from PP15 2020 to PP14 2021.

  • The employee was paid for 12 months.
  • Total salary for the employee for the reporting period was $50,000.
  • Salary charged to NSF fund was $10,000 for the reporting period. The percent would be 10000/50000 = 0.20.
  • The nearest persons month will be 2.4 months (0.2 * 12 = 2.4 months).
  • On the NSF Progress Report – document 2 months as Nearest Person Month Worked for the employee.