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The mission of the Department of Defense (DoD) is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of the nation. University research is critical to the impact of national defense research. in FY20 the DoD appropriated $156 billion towards research and development.

The Basic Research Office is the Department of Defense’s strategic thread in ensuring future capability, and makes investments in areas where the services may not be able to. The Basic Research Office approaches its role in oversight and management of the department's basic research investments. Additionally, it sets scientific priorities aimed toward ensuring the Department of Defense is a leader in scientific discovery and identifying new paths for investigation.

The Basic Research Office is responsible for setting Department of Defense policy for grants and manages programs including: the Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship, the Minerva Research Initiative, Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI) Program, as well as a number of pilot programs meant to rethink the department’s approach to managing and maturing basic research investments.

Multidisciplinary University Initiative (MURI) efforts involve teams of researchers investigating high priority topics and opportunities that intersect more than one traditional technical discipline. For many military problems this multidisciplinary approach serves to stimulate innovations, accelerate research progress and expedite transition of results into naval applications.

The Department of Defense announced $195 million in MURI awards for the Fiscal Year 2022 competition to 28 research teams pursuing basic research spanning multiple scientific disciplines. These grants will be provided to teams located across 63 U.S. academic institutions for five years each, subject to satisfactory research progress and the availability of funds.

Program Manager Contacts

Office of Naval Research
Joan Cleveland

Army Research Office
Larry Russell Jr.

Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Katie Wisecarver