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Research Building 1311 Resources

OESRC provides operational support to the new Research Building 1311, this support includes

If you require assistance, in addition to the resources found on this page, regarding any of these areas, please contact or call 540-232-8573.  


Building Email Notifications

In order to stay up to date on any news or events involving Research Building 1311, tenants can join the Google Group 1311 Announcements. 

In order to join, send an email to  You will recieve an email back which you will need to confirm.  Once you click the confirmation link and join the group, you'll be able to recieve notifications when they are sent. 

Any requests to send information to this distribution should be sent to  


Scheduling of Conference Rooms

Research Building 1311 has two conference rooms available for occupants of the building to reserve on an as-available basis:

  • Conference Room 1032.  This is a larger conference room with reconfigurable tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 28 people.  
  • Conference Room 2020.  This is a medium conference room with reconfigurable tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 12 people.  

Reservations for each of these conference rooms can be made using the Booked systemInstructions on using the Booked System can be found here.

All reservations must be made at least five hours in advance to ensure the room is open and available.  If a room is available and you need an immediate reservation, contact or call 540-232-8573 and OESRC will provide assistance.

The rules and procedures for both conference rooms are as follows:

  1. Training and conference rooms are available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and subject to the university open/close schedules (e.g. closed during holidays).  All events must end by 5 p.m as rooms will be locked at 5 p.m.
  2. The department/organization must abide by the instructions in the rooms. 
  3. No permanent markers are allowed in the rooms. Only dry erase markers may be used. 
  4. Do not hang or stick anything to any surfaces in the rooms.
  5. The reserving department/organization is responsible for cleaning the room after the event to include but not limited to tables and/or credenzas when food and/or drinks are served, trash, whiteboards, or other surfaces as necessary. If the room configuration was changed it must be returned to the original configuration. 
  6. Any spills on the carpet, chairs, or damage to equipment should be reported to OESRC immediately. 
  7. Departments/organizations who need to cancel a training or conference room should do so at the earliest possible date. 
  8. Any damage to the room will be assessed and an invoice for the cost of repairs will be sent to the reserving departments/organizations. 

Individuals or departments submitting a reservation request is an agreement to abide by the rules above.


Maintenance Requests

Any maintenance requests or issues should be reported to  Each request should include the following:

  • Name of Person Reporting
  • Phone and Email of Person Reporting
  • Department of Person Reporting
  • Room number or common area where issue is located
  • Description of issue or request. 

OESRC shall coordinate with requestor and property manager for all maintenance requests in Research Building 1311, including arranging need for escorts with requestor if needed and confirming work is completed and acceptable.


Access Control and Key Management

Any requests for access to areas within Building 1311 should be directed to  Please consult with your department representative first as OESRC may need to confirm any requests with those same department representatives prior to approving access.