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Export Review

Submit a Non-Immigrant Export Compliance Questionnaire along with a copy of the foreign national’s CV/Resume. There are two options for submission to the Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance (OESRC):

  1. Log into the webform (must be Virginia Tech hosting faculty) or;
  2. Download the form and follow the instructions

OESRC will review the documentation and determine if an export or sanctions authorization is required for the visitor. Upon completion of the review,  any necessary or relevant guidance will be provided to the host faculty. The host faculty is required to provide a copy of the OESRC review summary documentation to Global Strategic Services in order to proceed with the visa petition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virginia Tech is required by federal regulations to establish procedures to monitor assignments to its facilities of foreign nationals to ensure that the disclosure of, and access to, export-controlled articles and related information are limited to those that are approved by an export authorization. Additionally, Virginia Tech must certify whether or not an H-1B/H-1B1/L-1/O-1A applicant requires an export license in accordance with part 6 of the I-129 Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.  

Virginia Tech is also a registered exporter with the Department of State and Virginia Tech has an obligation to comply with U.S. export and sanctions regulations (22 CFR 120-130, 15 CFR 300-799, 31 CFR 500-599). In order to maintain compliance with these requirements, International Affairs and OESRC have established procedures that require an “export review” of all foreign nationals who are not degree seeking students enrolled at Virginia Tech. 

OESRC screens international visitors to Virginia Tech for export and sanctions regulation compliance and affiliations with denied and restricted parties.

The resume/curriculum vitae is necessary to verify the background of the international visitor and confirm there is no affiliation with denied and restricted parties.

If you are unsure of the visa category needed for your visitor or how to request immigration processing, please go to the Global Strategic Services website and review the available visa classifications and request procedures.

Invitation letters for B-1/VWB visitors are the responsibility of the Virginia Tech host department following the completion of the export review by OESRC.  More information about inviting international visitors can be found here.  

Letters must be issued according to the wording on the invitation letter template.  It is the responsibility of the host department to communicate with the international visitor regarding invitation letter needs and then issue the letter following the OESRC review.  

If host departments have any questions related to the invitation letter or whether the B-1 or J-1 is more appropriate or questions relating to the J-1 Program, departments should contact Belinda Pauley, or 540-231-6459.

The export review should be completed prior to issuing the TOFO. The results of the export review may be that an export license or other government authorization is required (and may not be granted). This review should be completed in advance of issuing the TOFO so that the TOFO can be conditioned with employment terms contingent on obtaining appropriate export authorizations.