How can I track the status of training that I have completed?

1. IBC Protocol Management (IBC PM)

This site can be used to track your training in two ways:

A. Training required for a specific IBC protocol:

  • a. Log onto IBC PM
  • b. Click the protocol number you are checking
  • d. Click “details” below your training status
  • e. You will see a pop-up open with your training status


B. Your training status for all training tracked by the IBC:

  • a. Log into IBC PM
  • b. Click “My biosketch/Training” (link in left sidebar)
  • c. You will see your overall training status below your personal information


2. EHS Training Profile Site

This site can be used to check on the status, expiration, and registration of your training. When your training is completed, the site will display the date of completion, the expiration date (if applicable). You can also confirm the date and time of any training classes that you have registered to take (i.e. BBP training).

The following IBC-related training can be tracked on this site:

  • Autoclave Training
  • Biosafety Cabinet Training
  • NIH Guidelines Training
  • Blood-borne Pathogens (BBP) Training
  • Respiratory Training


3. Automated Messages and/or Completion Certificates

When the training and surveys listed below are successfully completed, you will receive a completion certificate and/or an automated message notifying you that the training or survey has been completed. We highly recommend that you save the certificate or message for your own records.

  • NIH Guidelines Training
  • Virginia Tech Medical Surveillance Survey


4. Status Request

Individual personnel: For all training required for an IBC protocol, you can request a training status by sending a message to the IBC Administrator ( We can provide you with information on which training has been completed and/or is pending, the completion dates and expiration dates (if applicable).

Protocol Principal Investigator: The principal investigator, or designated lab manager, of a protocol can request a status update for all personnel currently listed on the protocol. This request can be sent to the IBC Administrator (