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File Drop is designed to allow researchers, faculty, other Virginia Tech affiliated individuals and non-Virginia Tech individuals to upload files to any staff member working in the Office of Research and Innovation, including the Division of Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance (SIRC), the Office of Sponsored Programs and other units. This is an excellent solution for files that are too large for email. This application allows you to securely upload large files quickly and easily to individuals within the Office of Research and Innovation.

There is no need to manage permissions or setup shares, simply select the individual you want to send a file to, browse to the file and click upload. The recipient will be notified by email.

Since File Drop is developed and hosted internally within the university, it is compliant with university data protection policies, and avoids the need to put sensitive Virginia Tech information into the hands of third-party file transfer sites.

Files up to several hundred megabytes are supported for logged in users, and File Drop can be authorized, on a case by case basis, to facilitate the transfer of larger files with the sponsor during project setup and termination. Arrangements can be made through your Office of Sponsored Programs representative.

Instructions on how to send a file with Filedrop


For help with the Filedrop tool, please e-mail