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7. Animal Disposition

The disposition of animals to be used in a protocol must be stipulated in the appropriate sections of the protocol submission (e.g., euthanize, transferred, sold). Virginia Tech IACUC policy precludes "adoption" but does allow sale of animals under certain specified conditions.

Animals that will be euthanize on a protocol must be euthanize using methods recommended by the current AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia. Please see the IACUC website for the link to the current version of this report. Any request to use a method outside of the recommendations of the AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia must be scientifically justified and references must be provided.

If a physical method of euthanasia is to be used (e.g., cervical dislocation or decapitation) the PI must provide literature citations that clearly demonstrate that the use of chemical euthanasia agents would adversely affect parameters to be studied in animal tissues after euthanasia has been performed.

Where gas anesthetics or carbon dioxide overdose is to be used as the euthanasia method, a secondary method of euthanasia (e.g., cervical dislocation or thoracotomy) will be required to ensure that death has occurred.

Animal carcasses must be disposed of by Virginia Tech-accepted methods. Please contact the animal facility manager in charge of the facility where your animals will be housed or contact the Attending Veterinarian for guidance.