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Project and Web request forms

The communication and marketing team is excited to partner with colleagues on projects. Office of Research and Innovation business unit and operations employees should request help from the communications and marketing team if they need help communicating to internal stakeholders or external audiences.

A solution is not necessary for initial contact with the team. Inform the team of the need, and the best solution will be determined.

Keep in mind there are projects already in progress and in the queue ahead of the request. Once the request has been submitted, a team member will respond in 48 hours. In effort to move the request along quickly, written content should be in the most finalized state as possible to expedite the process. If photos are supplied by the stakeholder, they should be high resolution (300 dpi or higher) and in separate files, not embedded in a Word, Google, or any other document.

The requested project deadline must be at least 10 business days out (or more dependent on size and complexity). Timeline for completion is subject to individual project parameters. The more lead-time, the better the result.

Project requests can encompass: PowerPoint help, banner design, marketing collateral, etc. and web requests can encompass new web page(s), major web update, etc.

The goal is to provide professional assistance to help our offices and divisions communicate effectively to the Virginia Tech research community.