About the Research Integrity Office

The Research Integrity Office is responsible for assessing allegations to determine if they fall within the definition of research misconduct and if the allegation is sufficiently credible and specific to warrant an investigation. The research integrity officer (RIO) also oversees inquiries and investigations, including appointing expert members to inquiry and investigation committees.

For more information, contact Thomas Inzana, associate vice president for research programs and research integrity officer, at 540/231-5188 or tinzana@vt.edu.

Policies and Procedures

Additional Resources

A Powerpoint presentation by Inzana outlines types of infractions, federal regulations, and what agencies are doing to enforce them. It also provides instructive case histories. The PowerPoint presentation (1 MB) is available here.

The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct" is now available for viewing on the web site of the Office of Research Integrity, US Department of Health and Human Services.  To participate in this interactive experience, go to:  http://ori.hhs.gov/TheLab


Tom Inzana
Research Integrity Officer
Life Sciences 1, Room 247

(540) 231-5188