Programs Currently Offered

Please note - all of the below programs require a Virginia Tech PID to access.

Research Administrator Program Level I (Basics)

The Virginia Tech Research Administration Program, sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, is a voluntary training program that consists of a total of 10 courses. This program is designed for all Virginia Tech employees who currently perform duties related to research administration. Each course will be a comprehensive tutorial that will provide information pertinent to research administration at Virginia Tech. There are no prerequisites for participating in any of the workshops and those not pursuing the certificate of completion are not excluded from attending any of the workshops.

Research Administrator Level II (Intermediate)

In the Virginia Tech Research Administrator Certificate Program Level II program you will delve into more advanced research administration issues that build upon the Level I program and work experience. Although it is not required for you to complete the Level I program prior to the Level II, please keep in mind that the principles taught in the Level II program build upon the basic concepts and knowledge obtained in the Level I program. It is highly recommended that you complete the Level I program prior to the Level II program.

CRA Study Team (Advanced)

The CRA Study team is a guided self-study program designed for Virginia Tech employees who are interested in and qualify to take the certified research administrator exam. The CRA exam is managed by the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC), an independent certifying body. A CRA designation demonstrates a broad knowledge of all aspects of research administration including, but not limited to, project development and administration, legal requirements and sponsor interface, financial management, and general management. In order to participate in the study team, individuals should meet the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC) eligibility requirements.