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Salary, Wage and Tuition Rates Escalation

Because budgets estimate costs associated with performing a particular program of research, salary increases for principal investigators and other staff that may occur during the budgetary timeframe must be factored into total costs, as well as the cost of any tuition rate increases. In those cases where sponsor documentation states that the sponsor does not allow or fund salary escalations, the PI is not required to include the salary escalations in their budget. 

Escalation rates are established by the Controller’s Office and are applied to base salaries and tuition rates on specific dates during the year.

Salary and Tuition Escalation Rates

For By a factor of When
Faculty (AY and CY) 5% On 12/1 annually
Staff 5% On 12/1 annually
Wage 5% On 12/1 annually
GRA 5% On 08/16 annually
Tuition 4.90% On 08/16 annually