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The Office of Research business offices and divisions support the development, submission, management, compliance, and integrity of research conducted at Virginia Tech.

Animal Resources and Care

The Animal Resources and Care Division provides resources and expertise to support scientifically sound animal research and teaching using healthy animals in the appropriate environment. The team supports researchers to ensure humane animal care and use by applying current veterinary standards and animal welfare practices that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Innovation and Partnerships

Innovation and Partnerships is a team dedicated to supporting all aspects of corporate partnerships, seated in both the Office of Research and Innovation and Advancement. It encompasses three centers: LINK: Center for Advancing Partners, LICENSE: Center for Tech Commercialization, and LAUNCH: Center for New Ventures. Through LINK+ LICENSE+ LAUNCH, Innovation and Partnerships offers a full continuum of services to the Virginia Tech community and industry to help partnerships grow and flourish and ensure the discoveries made at the university deliver economic and human impact.

Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance

The Division of Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance supports scholarly excellence at Virginia Tech by fostering ethical decision-making and ensuring research. With expertise in regulatory requirements to conduct research, the goal is to help researchers navigate the changing and complex regulatory landscape.

Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides a comprehensive array of support services for faculty and staff as they pursue and manage external funding projects. The office also functions as the steward of Virginia Tech’s research portfolio and its staff is responsible for ensuring that all research proposals and projects comply with university, federal, and sponsor regulations, policies, and procedures. Virginia Tech continues to rise in national university research rankings and remains the top university in Virginia for funds expended in pursuit of engineering, science, and other scholarly outreach and activities.

Strategic Research Alliances

The Strategic Research Alliances office leads development and support of strategic partnerships with federal agencies, foundations and business groups, and academic institutions to increase the impact of Virginia Tech research and innovation. The team engages with faculty and staff across all Virginia Tech campuses to advance collaboration opportunities and forge intentional partnerships to achieve the university’s strategic priorities and goals.

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs serves and supports scholars so they may gain experiences needed to become professionals in academia or industry. The office supports a vibrant and connected postdoctoral community and exceptional training experiences by leveraging both university and national resources to enhance the holistic development of the postdoctoral associates community. The office supports career and professional development as well as the well-being of the community.

Research Development

To best position individual faculty, transdisciplinary communities, and Virginia Tech’s research enterprise to succeed in its research ambitions, Virginia Tech employs a suite of strategic and tactical resources. The Research Development team is engaged with the research community to organize and implement training, workshops, seminars, and conversations to establish thought leadership, build consensus, and explore cutting edge ideas.

Export and Secure Research Compliance

The Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance (OESRC) ensures university-wide compliance programs for export control and sanctions, research security, industrial security, and associated training requirements pursuant to University Policy 13045. The OESRC team reviews areas including sponsored research, international visitors, international travel, international shipping, procurement, undue foreign influence, and numerous other areas of international collaboration and/or controlled technology access. The office also assists departments in establishing compliance protocols, such as a technology control plan, to prevent unauthorized disclosure of export controlled items and information, controlled unclassified information (CUI), and industrial security information. OESRC provides technical support/instructions and manages a CUI-compliant file share server in addition to controlled-access facilities to support restricted research.