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College and Department Research Centers, Labs, and Groups

University and institute-level centers provide support, structure, and organization for faculty-led research efforts that cross disciplinary and college boundaries. With funding and administrative support and oversight provided by the senior vice president for research and innovation, college, or institute, there are hundreds of centers and laboratory groupsto help advance major scholarly objectives involving faculty.

Center NameDirectorPhone
Adult Day Services CenterIla Schepisi540-231-3161
Apex Center for EntrepreneursDerrick Maggard540-231-1328
Arlington Innovation Center for Health ResearchMun, Seong571-858-3201
Bioinspired Science and Technology CenterRolf Mueller540-231-6005
Business Leadership CenterKimberly Carlson540-231-2604
Center for Advanced Separation TechnologiesRoe-Hoan Yoon540-231-7056
Center for Applied Behavior SystemsScott Geller540-231-8145
Center for Applied Technologies in the HumanitiesRadcliffe, David H. 540-231-7753
Center for Biostatistics and Health Data ScienceAlexandra Hanlon540-526-2264
Center for Business AnalyticsJay Winkler 540-231-9755
Center for Coastal StudiesRobert Weiss540-231-
Center for Communicating Science at Virginia TechPatty Raun540-231-9301
Center for Design ResearchRobert Dunay540-231-9935
Center for Digital Discourse and CultureTimothy Luke 540-231-6633
Center for Educational Networks and Impacts (CENI)Lisa McNair540-231-8325
Center for Embedded Systems for Critical ApplicationsYaling Yang540-231-5713
Center for emerging Issues in Accounting (Thomas M. Wells and Kathy Dargo)Sarah Stein540-231-5881
Center for Emerging, Zoonotic, and Arthropod-borne PathogensX. J. Meng, M.D.540-231-7354
Center for Energy and the Global EnvironmentSaifur Rahman571-858-3300
Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems Lei Zuo540-231-7270
Center for Enhancement of Engineering DiversityBevlee Watford540-231-3244
Center for Environmental Analytics and Remote SensingValerie Thomas540-231-7811
Center for European Union, Transatlantic, and Trans-European Space StudiesYannis Stivachtis540-231-
Center for Excellence in Global Agricultural Trade (CEGAT)Jason Grant540-231-7559
Center for Family Services (NOVA)April Few-Demo (dept chair)703-538-8460
Center for Forest Products BusinessHenry Quesada540-231-7107
Center for Geospatial Information TechnologyBrandon Herndon540-231-8490
Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research at Virginia TechAdrian Rodriguez-Marek540-231-5778
Center for GerontologyPamela Teaster540-231-7657
Center for High Performance EnvironmentsJames Jones540-231-7647
Center for High Performance ManufacturingMatt Earnest540-231-1260
Center for Human-Computer InteractionDoug Bowman540-231-2058
Center for HumanitiesSylvester Johnson540-231-1981
Center for Infrastructure Delivery Excellence (CIDEx)Michael Garvin540-231-7255
Center for Injury BiomechanicsHardy, Warren540-231-4314
Center for Innovation in Construction Safety, Health, and Well-BeingBrian Kleiner540-231-9442
Center for Instructional Tech Solutions in Industry and EducationKen Potter540-231-7020
Center for International Research, Education and Development (CIRED)Brady Deaton540-231-6338
Center for Leadership in Global SustainabilityMichael Mortimer571-858-3339
Center for Neutrino PhysicsPatrick Huber540-231-8743
Center for One Health ResearchNammalwar Sriranganathan540-231-7171
Center for Organizational and Technological AdvancementLesa Hanlin540-767-6100
Center for Packaging and Unit Load DesignLaszlo Horvath540-231-7107
Center for Peace Studies and Violence PreventionJames Hawdon540-231-2345
Center for Photonics TechnologyAnbo Wang540-231-4363
Center for Power and EnergyChen-Ching Liu540-231-1373
Center for Power Electronics SystemsDushan Boroyevich540-231-4381
Center for Preservation and Rehabilitation TechnologyHumberto Rodriguez-Camilloni540-231-5324
Center for Quantum Information Science and Engineering (VTQ)Sophia Economou540-231-1929
Center for Race and Social PolicyWornie Reed540-231-6107
Center for Real Estate ExcellenceKevin Boyle540-231-2907
Center for Real Life Kitchen DesignGreg Galford540-231-6164
Center for Refugee, Migrant, and Displacement StudiesKatrina M. Powell540-231-6501
Center for Renewable Energy and Aerodynamic Testing (CREATe)William Devenport540-231-3168
Center for Research and Development in Int'l Education (CRaDIE)Barbara Lockee540-231-7020
Center for Smart and Green Civil SystemsLinbing Wang540-231-5262
Center for Soft Matter and Biological PhysicsUwe Tauber540-231-8998
Center for Space Science and Engineering ResearchScott Bailey540-231-0459
Center for Statistical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, and Theoretical ChemistryGeorge Hagedorn540-231-6575
Center for Study of Rhetoric in SocietyDerek Mueller540-231-8458
Center for Sustainable Mobility (CSM)Rakha Hesham540-231-1505
Center for Sustainable Transportation Infrastucture (CSTI)Gerardo Flintsch540-231-1569
Center for Tire Research (CENTIRE)Saied Taheri540-231-0032
Center for Transformative Research on Health Behaviors (CTRHB)Warren Bickel540-526-2088
Center for Truck and Bus Safety (CTBS)Hanowski, Rich540-231-1513
Center for Vehicle Systems and SafetyMehdi Ahmadian540-231-7467
Child Development Center for Learning and ResearchKaren Gallagher540-231-6148
Child Study CenterTom Ollendick540-231-8276
Commonwealth Center for Aerospace and Propulsion SystemsChangminSon540-231-7064
Community Design Assistance CenterElizabeth Gilboy540-231-5644
Conservation Management InstituteScott Klopfer540-231-7348
Family Therapy Center of Virginia TechMegan Dolbin-MacNab540-231-7201
Forest Modeling Research CooperativeHarold Burkhart540-231-6952
Forest Operations and Business Research CooperativeChad Bolding540-231-6924
Four DesignJeff Joiner540-231-1450
Fralin Biomedical Research InstituteMichael Friedlander540-526-2500-
Fralin Life Sciences Institute (Fralin)Robin L. McCarley540-231-7354
Global Change CenterWilliam Hopkins540-231-7292
Henry W. Wiss Ctr for Theory and History of Art and ArchitectureHumberto Rodriguez-Camilloni540-231-5324
Hume Center for National Security and TechnologyEric Paterson (Interim Director)540-231-2314
Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT)Benjamin Knapp540-231-0856
Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS)Stefan Duma540-231-2597
Institute for Policy and GovernanceMax Stephenson540-231-6775
Institute for Society, Culture and the Environment (ISCE)Karen Roberto540-231-7657
Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics (ICAM)Terry Herdman540-231-7667
International Archive of Women in ArchitectureDonna Dunay540-231-5512
Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics and EconomicsMichael Moehler540-231-7543
Macromolecules Innovation InstituteBob Moore540-231-4552
Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Ctr for Adv VehiclesRakesh Kapania540-231-4881
Occupational Safety and Health Research CenterMaury Nussbaum540-231-2560
Psychological Services CenterLee Cooper 540-231-6914
Stack@cs Center for Computer ScienceKirk Cameron540-231-4328
Synergistic Environments for Experimental Computing (SEEC)Wu-chun Feng 540-231-1192
Training and Technical Assistance CenterPatricia Bickley540-231-5167
Translational Plant Sciences CenterGuillaume Pilot540-231-0475
Virginia Center for Civil War StudiesPaul Quigley540-231-5331
Virginia Center for Coal and Energy ResearchMichael Karmis540-231-7057
Virginia Tech - Advanced Research InstituteSaifur Rahman 571-858-3300
Virginia Tech Center for Engineering Communication CenterMarie Paretti540-231-1144
Virginia Tech Center for Autism ResearchAngela Scarpa-Friedman540-231-2615
Virginia Tech Center for Drug DiscoveryPaul Carlier540-231-6570
Virginia Tech Center for Housing ResearchMcCoy, Andrew540-231-3993
Virginia Tech National Security InstituteEric Paterson 540-231-2314
Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)Zac Doerzaph540-231-1500
Virginia Water Resources Reseach CenterStephen Schoenholtz540-231-5624
VT Engage: The Community Learning CollaborativeMeghan Weyrens Kuhn540-231-7935
Wood-Based Composites CenterChip Frazier540-231-8318