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Research Frontiers Track

Research Frontiers Fellowships will be preferentially awarded in areas of alignment with Virginia Tech’s Research Frontiers:

  • The Artificial Intelligence Frontier
    Building on expertise in artificial intelligence, data science, systems engineering, neuroscience, human factors, robotics, immersive visualization, and education, among others, to accelerate human-technology partnerships toward seamless augmentation, ethically and sustainably.
  • The Health Frontier
    Changing the paradigm from a focus on disease and symptoms to one of whole health, integrating intersections of animal, environment, and human health and building in communities and systems to empower multifaceted well-being.
  • The Security Frontier
    Ensuring communities are prepared to face global threats, from climate change to cybersecurity to national defense through advances in preparation, defense, mitigation, and recovery.
  • The Quantum Frontier
    Using an unparalleled transdisciplinary focus to accelerate the integration of quantum technologies across society, realizing unprecedented computing and communication capabilities and restructuring our social framework.

The alignment of the project with the Research Frontiers should be described in the proposal and will be one of the selection criteria.


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