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Proposal Process

Authorizing Agent for the University

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is the authorizing agent for the university for all extramurally funded activities.  OSP Procedure, OSP 20002 Proposal Submission, covers the proposal submission process and includes information regarding submission deadlines, the submission process in depth, definitions of common terms, contact information, and other general guidelines. All proposals for external sponsorship prepared by principal investigators (PIs) at Virginia Tech must be submitted through OSP.

Pre-Award Functions

Pre-award has three primary functions in the proposal process:

  1. Review solicitations and requests for proposals (RFP) for specific budget and proposal preparation instructions.
  2. Prepare budgets for proposals according to Virginia Tech and sponsor guidelines.
  3. Submit all proposals to external sponsors.

Pre-Award Process

Further help is available from your pre-award associate.  

View breakdown of the pre-award by department, center or institute.