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Animal Resources Services, Forms, and Fees

Animal Resources povides a range of services for Virginia Tech researchers, including:

  • Animal ordering
  • Animal receiving
  • Shipping and importation
  • Daily animal husbandry care
  • Technical assistance
  • Training

Ordering Process

  1. Complete an Animal Purchase Request Form using the approved vendor list below.
  2. E-mail completed form to
  3. You will receive order confirmation within two business days. Ensure all order details are correct; notify of any changes that need to be made.

Approved Vendors

Rodent Quarantine Estimate

Cost Title Mice Cost
Rats Cost
Entry Testing $75.27 $75.27
Shipping Costs $100.00 $100.00
Exit Testing $127.79 $127.79
Sentinel Rodents Cost $60.00 $97.00
Total Estimate* $363.06 $400.06

*not including normal per diem charges or animal shipping charges

FY24 Per Diem Rates*

(Effective January 1, 2024)

* Per diem rates are per cage for mice, rats, and hamsters and per individual animal for all other species.


Description Per Diem Activity Code
Mice (ABSL1, ABSL2) $1.02 LARMC1
Mice, Hamsters (ABSL3) $3.92 LARMC3
Pigs (Gnotobiotic) $22.16 LARPG3
Rats, Hamsters, Gerbils (ABSL1, ABSL2) $2.65 LARRT1
Guinea Pigs (ABSL1, ABSL2) $3.62 LARGP1
Rabbit (ABSL1, ABSL2) $4.93 CVMRBT
Chickens (Housed in Isolators) $14.70 LARCK7
Pigs (ABSL2) $10.28 LARPG2
Technical Activities $37.67 LARTEC
Veterinary Activities $79.28 LARVET
Transportation (charged by the mile plus the hourly Tech Rate) $0.20 LARTRA

Additional Service Fees

  • Transportation fee 
  • Technician time plus mileage
  • Rodent overcrowded cage separation fee 
  • 1 hour technician time plus per diem for each cage starting on 3rd incident