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Office of Research and Innovation Organization

Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation: Dan Sui

Reporting to the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation

Associate Vice President, Jon Porter

Associate Vice President, Brandy Salmon
*dual report to Advancement

Sponsored Programs, Pre-Award – Interim Director, Randy Heflin

Sponsored Programs, Post-Award, Compliance, Contracts, and Front Office – Interim Director, Lisa M. Lee

Senior Associate Vice President, Randy Heflin

  • Animal Resources and Care – Associate Vice President, Dave Schabdach
  • Scholarly Integrity and Research Compliance – Senior Associate Vice President, Lisa M. Lee
  • Export and Secure Research Compliance – Director, John Talerico

Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff, Laurel Miner

Finance – Senior Director, Odie Fthenos

Human Resources – Division Director, Lynn Byrd

Investment Institutes

  • Fralin Life Sciences Institute – Executive Director, Rob McCarley
  • Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology – Director, Ben Knapp
  • Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science – Executive Director, Stefan Duma


Thematic Institutes and University Centers

  • Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC – Executive Director, Mike Friedlander
  • Virginia Tech National Security Institute – Executive Director, Eric Paterson
  • Virginia Tech Transportation Institute – Executive Director, Zac Doerzaph
  • Macromolecules Innovation Institute – Director, Robert Moore


  • Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation – President, John Forte
  • Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties – President, Brandy Salmon
  • Commonwealth Cyber Initiative – Executive Director, Luiz DaSilva

Revised: 05/28/2024