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Animal Resources Fees

Rodent Quarantine Estimate

Item Cost for Mice Cost for Rats
Entry Testing $75.27 $75.27
Shipping Costs $100.00 $100.00
Exit Testing
$127.79 $127.79
Sentinel Rodents Cost $60.00 $97.00
Total Estimate*
$363.06 $400.06

Rodent Quarantine Estimate (PDF)

* Not including normal per diem charges or animal shipping charges.


FY23 Per Diem Rates

(September 1, 2023 – August 31, 2024)

Animal Resources and Care Division Housing Per Diem Rates

Description Animal Day Description Per Diem Activity Code
Mice (ABSL1, ABSL2) Per cage per day $1.02 LARMC1/CVMMC1
Mice, hamsters (ABSL3) Per cage per day $3.92 LARMC3/CMVMC3/LARHM3
Pigs (gnotobiotic) Per animal per day $22.16 LARPG3/CVMPG3
Rats, hamsters, gerbils (ABSL1, ABSL2) Per cage per day $2.65 LARRT1/CVMRT1/ LARHM1
Guinea pigs (ABSL1, ABSL2) Per animal per day $3.62 LARGP1
Rabbits (ABSL1, ABSL2) Per animal per day $4.93 CVMRBT/LARRAB

Professional Fees

Description Per  Diem Activity Code
Technical Activities $37.67/hour LARTEC/CVMTEC
Veterinary Activities $79.28/hour LARVET
Transportation $0.20/mile* LARTRA

Per Diem Rates table (PDF)

Rates are shown in Dollars per Unit.
* Transportation is charged by the mile plus the hourly Tech Rate.