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Facts and Figures

Fragments of data don’t provide the scope of impact. But they do provide a glimpse of the the impact of the research conducted by the university's nine colleges, seven research institutes, and hundreds of centers and laboratories that contribute to Virginia Tech's research enterprise.  

number of new awards
~$600M in research expenditures
+12.5% year-over-year increase in research awards
approximately 200 postdoctoral scholars
4000+ faculty researchers
7 research institutes

Research Expenditures

For fiscal year 2022, Virginia Tech’s expenditures increased by 9 percent, approaching $600 million. External expenditures from sponsored awards reflected a record increase of more than 14 percent.

Entrepreneurship and Partnerships

Expanding impact of Virginia Tech’s research through increasing core metrics of technology transfer and commercialization. *Data below reflects the success of the 2023 fiscal year.

$80 million in corporate and foundation philanthropy
25 license deals
142 new invention disclosures