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Solving Problems Through Research

What We Offer: Transportation

At Virginia Tech, transportation research involves engineering, public administration and policy, urban planning, industrial design, economics, agriculture, computer science, mathematics, statistics, construction technology, and business.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute is a federally designated Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Center of Excellence. Primary areas of research are safety and human factors, advanced product testing and evaluation, information application, advanced vehicle dynamics, transportation systems and operations, and roadway infrastructure. A two-mile “smart road” test bed includes embedded monitoring and weather control.

Other research centers addressing transportation issues are:

Seeing the road on a dark and stormy night

Problem: Rain reduces visibility for drivers.

Solution: Make highway markers highly visible when wet.

Highway photo

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute's Wet Visibility II project, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and Virginia Transportation Research Council, studied drivers' ability to see pavement markings during rainy weather conditions. Participants in the project evaluated three pavement markings while driving on the Smart Road test facility in a controlled rain environment created by the weather-making system. The study results will be available to the Virginia Department of Transportation for a guidelines document on the wet-night visibility of pavement markings.