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Solving Problems Through Research

What We Offer: Education, Policy, and Social Sciences

The university trains not only teachers and educational administrators but also conducts research on teaching, learning, and modern society.

The Center for Gerontology serves as the organizational unit and focal point for aging-related activities at Virginia Tech. The Center's primary mission is to foster and facilitate multidisciplinary research that enhances the quality of life of older adults. In support of this mission, the Center focuses primarily on three streams of coordinated research: Family Gerontology, Health and Aging, and Elder Rights.

The Institute for Policy and Governance provides research and technical assistance to local, state, and federal governments, nonprofit organizations, and other enterprises. For example, the institute evaluates the child protective services program and researches the child-care needs of low-income families in Virginia, and does statewide welfare reform evaluation studies.

The Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) focuses on housing needs and markets, homeownership, nonprofit housing, housing technology, assisted housing, fair housing, and community development. It provides community agencies and local officials throughout Virginia with housing data.

Other centers are:

Making it possible to learn from history

Problem: There can be a lack of "institutional memory" in the White House after a presidential transition..

Solution: Provide the transition team with interviews of former White House aides and other materials.


The Presidency Research Group of the American Political Science Association conducted extensive interviews in 1999 and 2000 with more than 80 White House officials who served in the Nixon through the Clinton administrations. Virginia Tech political science professors Karen Hult and Charles Walcott were among the presidential scholars who analyzed the interviews and prepared essays combining documentary materials, institutional history, and advice from experienced veterans. The documents were furnished to the Bush and Gore campaigns and to the Bush transition team and members of the new administration. They are available to the public at

Hult was president of the Presidency Research Group and on the advisory board of the project.