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Half-Day Resilience Workshop: Navigating and Building Resilience through Difficult Times in Research

In this workshop researchers will learn various skills to help them navigate difficult times and build resilience to bounce back stronger from these challenges. The workshop will walk through learning how to notice signs of distress in others as well as how to approach and help those showing signs of distress. Attendees will then work through recognizing their own stressors as well as building a self-care plan to make self-care a part of our daily living. Additionally, the workshop will discuss different strategies to promote positive self-talk and thoughts to promote a growth mindset before concluding with resources available to the Virginia Tech community to help during challenging times.

Objectives of the workshop include:

  • Learn skills to help navigate difficult times in research
  • Learn how to recognize signs of distress in fellow researchers
  • Learn how to help colleagues in distress
  • Learn how to build a self-care plan

Half-Day Resilience Workshop: Navigating and Building Resilience through Difficult Times in Research

Apr. 10 | 12 - 4 p.m.

2420/2430 North End Center


Colleen Driscoll portrait.

Colleen Driscoll

Colleen Driscoll is currently the Assistant Director of Mental Health Initiatives at Virginia Tech's Hokie Wellness. She received a B.S. in Psychological Sciences with minors in Special Education and Behavior Change Health Studies from the University of Vermont in 2019. In 2021, she received a Master of Education in Counseling with a specialization in Sport Psychology from Boston University. Colleen is also a Certified Mental Performance Coach through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Saad Kahn portrait

Saad Khan

Saad Khan is the Mental Health Initiatives Coordinator at Virginia Tech's Hokie Wellness. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology at Virginia Tech. His professional interests include university peer support services and providing mental health education to students. In his role at Hokie Wellness, Saad facilitates mental health workshops and provides training to undergraduate FEELS Peer Support