Wing Ng

Wing NgThe Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation recognizes Wing Ng, the Christopher C. Kraft Endowed Professor of Engineering, for pioneering innovations in turbine engines and for using his expertise to start a Virginia Tech spinoff company and create new jobs.

With more than 30 years of experience working in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and aero-acoustics of gas turbine engines and aero-propulsion, Ng and his research team have advanced applications of active flow and noise control in turbine engines, unmanned air vehicles — also known as drones — gas turbines, propulsion, and aeroacoustics.

A member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, he has more than 200 publications in the areas of propulsion and gas turbines.

With colleagues he developed techniques and instrumentation to take measurements that no one in the world had done before to understand how noise is generated in huge jet engines, efforts he says are a testimony to teamwork among colleagues with different expertise.

The work may help make jet engines quieter not only on aircraft carrier decks, but also in commercial planes.

With approval from Virginia Tech in 1998, Ng founded Techsburg Inc. Ng provides leadership and strategic planning to manage and grow the company, which offers engineering services and precision manufacturing capabilities to NASA, the aerospace and gas turbine industries, and more.

His combined funding at Virginia Tech and Techsburg is in excess of $40 million in research from industries including Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Siemens, Honeywell, Solarturbines, Northrop-Grumman, and more, as well as from government agencies such as NASA and the National Institutes of Health.

A member of the Virginia Tech community since 1984, Ng has been frequently ranked among the best teachers in his department. His entrepreneurial experience gives him firsthand knowledge of what industry expects, and he works to teach deliver this knowledge to his students. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate-level courses on thermo-fluid science.

In 2014, he received the university’s William E. Wine Award for his history of university teaching excellence.

Ng received his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, and a master’s degree and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.




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