Shane Ross

Scholar of the Week Shane RossThe Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation recognizes Shane Ross, an associate professor of dynamical systems in the College of Engineering, for his work to make an unpredictable world more predictable.

A member of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, Ross studies mathematical modeling and nonlinear dynamics, with application to problems in fluid mechanics, disease spread, orbital mechanics, bio-locomotion, structural mechanics, vehicle control, and chemical physics. He is interested in dynamical systems theory, computations, visualization, control, and applications.

One of his objectives is to understand the flow of hazardous materials, for example, from an oil spill or an erupting volcano, and how these materials are acted upon by movements of air, water, and other natural forces in the environment.

Ross finds ways to predict how hazardous spills will travel in such complex environmental flows.

He received a National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2012 to study engineering tools to understand and predict fluid motions. In addition, he is now the co-principal investigator on a new $2.6 million NSF award that will focus on specific methods for the successful prediction, mitigation, and response to an environmental flow hazard.

He also received an NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship award to cross-train graduate students in biology and engineering with a focus on biological transport problems.

Ross is the author of more than 70 publications, including more 50 journal articles in the fields of mathematical modeling and nonlinear dynamics. He helped initiate the current interest in dynamical systems methods among the space flight mechanics community, particularly the use of invariant manifold theory. He has received several certificates of recognition from NASA and has co-authored a book on “Dynamical Systems, the Three-Body Problem,” and “Space Mission Design.”

His research has been featured in the pages of Science, American Scientist, New Scientist, Science News, Astronomy, the Times of London, the BBC, and several other international news outlets, including those in India, Russia, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, and China.

Ross received his doctoral degree in control and dynamical systems from Caltech.



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