Mantu Hudait

Mantu HudaitThe Office of the Vice President of Research recognizes Mantu Hudait, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, for developing next-generation nanoscale materials and devices for low-power, high-speed microprocessors and sustainable energy applications. 

An expert in materials science and microelectronics, Hudait investigates new materials and device structures for energy-efficient nanoelectronics and alternative energy sources.

Hudait’s group is developing an ultra-low power and high-speed nanoscale transistors, multijunction solar cells, and photonic devices on readily available, large area silicon substrates.

His goal is to help the technology achieve its promise of expanding the materials options and enabling new functionality for energy-efficient nanoelectronics.

During the past five years, his research group has developed a unique semiconductor nanoscale growth facility for world-class research on nanoscale-engineered, low-power transistors that operate at less than a volt of electricity.

For example, his group at the Advanced Devices and Sustainable Energy Laboratory has made advances in what are known as Ge and III–V semiconductor channels, exploiting their extremely high electron mobility for potential electronic and photonic device structures.

Before joining Virginia Tech, Hudait served as a senior process engineer in the Advanced Transistor and Nanotechnology Group at Intel Corporation.

He received his doctoral degree from the Indian Institute of Science and his master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology.


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