Gregory Earle

Scholar of the Week Gregory EarleThe Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation recognizes Gregory Earle, a professor of electrical engineering, for his research into the physics of the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

Earle, who is also a member of the Center for Space Science and Engineering Research Group, uses computer analysis and models to design and test space-based instruments to measure electric field and neutral winds in near-Earth space.

One of the unique difficulties he studies is called equatorial spread-F distortion. Spread-F typically occurs only at night, but it can distort communication signals, including GPS. Severe spread-F interference can totally disrupt GPS signals or give gross errors, making this area of research of particular concern to the military.

Earle’s other areas of research interest are the electrodynamics of plasmas, particularly in the low and mid-latitude regions, and circuits for space-based instrumentation. He also teaches space science instrumentation courses.

Earle has authored more than 40 refereed technical papers. He has also served on a number of NASA teams including the Decadal Survey "Platforms" Subcommittee (2010-2011), the Foundations Roadmap Team (2004-2005), the Sounding Rocket Working Group (1997-2000), and the MOWG for ITM Science (1992-1995, 200-2003).

Earle earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Cornell University in 1988, and both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Purdue University.




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