Elizabeth Grant

The Office of the Vice President for Research recognizes Elizabeth J. Grant, an assistant professor of architecture and design in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, for developing tools to help architects design environmentally friendly buildings.

Known for her work in “green roofs” that lower energy costs and protect the environment, Grant’s work combines science and design.

Ways to handle the heat, humidity, and stormwater haven’t changed much since the invention of the sewer system. One solution offered by architectural researchers is known as a “green roof” — a roof covered in living, growing plants to soften the effects of heat, flooding, noise, and stormwater runoff.

She was featured on Inside Science TV and recently presented ways for architects to determine the most effective depths of green roofing for stormwater control at the International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies — also known as ICBEST — in Aachen, Germany.

Grant combines teaching with outreach to bring practical solutions to the community. Five of her third-year undergraduate architecture students in the School of Architecture + Design were recently recognized for their designs of a building enclosure educational center for the Town of Pulaski, Virginia.

A registered architect, a member of the Roof Consultants Institute, and the 2004 recipient of the National Roofing Foundation’s William C. Cullen Research Fellowship Award, Grant is interested in environmentally sensitive design, the building envelope, and decision-making methodologies.

In addition, she holds a U.S. patent with colleagues from the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and College of Engineering for a “Vent for Reducing Pressure Under a Membrane Roof.”

Grant holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in architecture from Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies.



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