Cover story | Are you multiculturally mindful?
In an increasingly diverse workplace, cultural competence is essential for individual effectiveness and corporate competitiveness.

Cyberinfrastructure underpins infectious disease research
The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute is creating, sharing, and using information and communication technology tools that assist and accelerate infectious disease research.

Parents’ deployment draws mixed emotions from teens
Military service today includes a higher operation tempo with increased deployments, relocations, and family separations. This Virginia Tech study is the first of its kind to include direct responses from teens about how they are impacted.

Editorial | All giants welcome: At Virginia Tech, our minds and doors are open

Researchers capture jaguars with cameras
Due to their solitary, secretive, and nocturnal nature, wild cats are rarely observed. As a result, little is known. Remote cameras are changing that. See for yourself.

Multitasking and driving don't mix
For the first time, instrumentation has made it possible to observe drivers as they go about their normal routines. Researchers followed 241 drivers of 100 cars for more than a year in order to learn what really causes accidents.

The charge of the light brigade
A plant biologist, an inorganic chemist, and their students are creating new molecular complexes to be used in the war on cancer.

Look out, NASCAR drivers: The racetrack may switch to autonomous vehicles
Driverless vehicles equipped with computer and nagivational technologies are becoming a reality in many environments. High-speed autonomous vehicles is one of the larger challenges.

Hurricane-related research
After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, applicable research was being discussed. Here we present some of the projects we heard about: the challenge of telecommunication, saving historical sites, how to translate hurricane simulations into building codes, a vent system to hold roofs down, and the challenge of leadership.


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