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Figuring out the hard stuff

Meet Patricia Dove, the first faculty member with undergraduate and graduate degrees from Virginia Tech to be inducted to the National Academy of Sciences.


Fralin Life Science Institute supplies the tools of science to build Virginia's next generation of researchers.

Research briefs

• Shaking the trees for ways to eliminate disease

• Nature's lessons might teach Virginia Tech engineers new tricks

• Nanoscale surveillance reveals tactics of molecular marauders

Always changing

Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs would bow to Vinod Chachra's work ethic, and certainly to his investment in shoe leather.

Animal bridges

When bears and wolves cross paths with humans, conservationists work with researchers to find common ground.

Kirk, Spock together

Neuroimaging study shows that cold reasoning and hot feelings are intimately connected.

Creating economic reactions

When James "Jim" Rancourt talks about Polymer Solutions Inc., the independent testing laboratory he founded in Blacksburg, it is tempting to steal plotlines for a TV series.

Shrinking the carbon footprint

Consider the sum total of greenhouse gases created by the paving process. It really adds up.

Research Overview 2012

Jumping three places to No. 41, Virginia Tech remained the top university in Virginia in fiscal 2012 for funds expended in pursuit of science, engineering, and other scholarly activity.



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