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Suddenly someday

Imagine unmanned aerial vehicles flying search-and-rescue missions or scanning acres of farmland to detect threats to crop health.

Of minnows and men

Every spring, the clear upland streams of eastern North America erupt in vivid shades of red, yellow, and blue.

Singing the power electronic

A low-energy Bluetooth device uses a few milliwatts of power, while a full-sized aircraft carrier requires gigawatts. But no matter the power needs of a machine, University Distinguished Professor Fred C. Lee can take care of it.

A bandage with smarts

A novel idea for a wound dressing that tests the patient's blood type may be able to save lives

Research Briefs

Short stories covering a gamut of discoveries about
- buckyballs
- neurofeedback
- a virtual game where characters fight a disease outbreak
- the mineral-making secrets of mollusks
- why trees don't "bleed" to death when they're injured



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