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Saving the Red Knots

A look at changes in the diet of red knots at their one stopover between South America and the Arctic.

Recovering coal from slurry ponds

A new invention makes it possible to extract and dry the super-fine coal that has been discarded for decades.

Tackling brain tumors

Physicians are watching with interest as veterinarians use a new treatment developed by biomedical engineers to treat tumors in dogs. The most deadly of brain tumors happen in people and pooches.

Who’s running the country?

Most of what we know about political appointees is based on anecdotes and assumptions, until now.

Sweet miracles

Sugars from plant materials can now be converted to hydrogen by a cell-free enzymatic process.

Humans vs. Wildlife!

A tourist's dream of getting up close with wildlife is a community nightmare.

Planning for the worst case for a mid-American earthquake

Two hundred years ago, in the center of the nation, an 8.0 earthquake changed the land and rivers over hundreds of miles and created new lakes. It could happen again.



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