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By Susan Trulove

University research matters

• Forecasting the intensity of mountain tornadoes

• Diagnosing ovarian cancer in its earliest stages

• Developing policies to benefit the original residents of redeveloped neighborhoods

• Learning best practices from families who survive when travel for work is part of life

• Building better dirt to grow more food AND absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

• Capturing thousands of hours of on-the-road, real-life data from drivers of all ages and in all kinds of vehicles so we can save lives and create better roads and vehicles

Such research makes a difference and telling you about it is a joy.


University research magazines are fun

One editor and three designers were sitting in a local restaurant trying to figure out how to illustrate the article about family dynamics when one family member must travel for work. Picture of teary farewells? Picture of airport comings and goings? Picture of people with PDAs? Boring.

Then Kathy Acosta commented that she liked the finding that kids save up their news for the parent's return. We discussed exploding school projects and strange clothes, and came up with a snake and green hair. You can see the results in the "travel" story. Thank you to Jane Machin, assistant professor of marketing, for letting us dye her son's hair green. And thank you to J.D. Willson, a post-doctoral researcher in Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources and Environment, for the loan of Cornelius the corn snake.


On the cover: The Vegas Lounge is holding its own in D.C.'s Shaw / U Street neighborhood. Photo by Jim Stroup.