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Saving the ’hood for everyone

D.C.’s Shaw/U Street neighborhood has a rich cultural history and has had devastating riots. It’s on its way up again. But will it be enriched or thinned out?

Family work travel

How do families cope when frequent travel is required as part of a job?.

Golden eagle back in the sky

An injured bird is rehabilitated and survives to fly again, now with a little technology "on board"

How geography influences weather

No tornadoes in the mountains? Not true. And dropping terrain under the storm can make them worse.

New weapons in the fight against ovarian cancer

Early diagnosis and dietary intervention are the weapons scientists hope to provide to battle ovarian cancer.

Soils a key to the future

Organic-rich soils grow more food and remove carbon dioxide from the air.

Naturalistic driving study is a life-saving reality show

Instrumented vehicles provide real-world data that is helping to save lives.



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