contents | summer 2011

Energy harvesting yields powerful crops

The energetic forces of our world can power new technologies for defense, infrastructure, and nifty gizmos for daily life.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, and words hurt too

Hate speech evolved from curses, once thought to have supernatural power. Now what some perceive as hate speech, others see as protected political opinion. Are the curse-slingers gaming the system? Should their right to do so be protected anyway?

Two extraordinary chicken lines aid research around the world

Fifty-three generations of chickens have allowed scientists to study relationships between growth, reproduction, and immunology — and now to look at the genetics and chemistry of growth and nutrient management.

The race goes not to the swift... but to those who can visualize the finish

We are energized when the end of a run, walk, or swim is in sight. If we can visualize being close to reaching an abstract goal, the effect is the same.

Polar inquisition

Jeb Barrett looks at life in Antarctica to determine how long-term climate trends affect ecological processes.

Mapping the path of the peanut in Uganda

A research project that focused on the roles of women and included them as researchers resulted in greater respect for the peanuts as a source of nutrition and income and for women's contributions.



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