Modern science is using ancient pieces of genetic machinery to study, fight diseases spread by mosquitoes

Scientists are discovering that evolutionary deals that allowed pathogens to use mosquito biology has also provided tools for interfering with disease transmission

Eager visitors are trampling Shenandoah National Park

Trail rerouting is underway so that we will continue to have that natural world to enjoy.

Madagascar ecology benefits as yesterday’s students return as today’s scientists

Someone’s in the kitchen —

and home-cooked meals are still the norm, despite fast-food options. Modern design makes the kitchen an ever more popular place.

Planning, modern mapping keep Virginia a step ahead of natural disasters

Virginia Tech’s Center for Geospatial Information Technology is replacing decades-old paper flood maps.

Fat horses face health problems — in larger numbers than previously suspected and for a surprising reason

Lack of exercise is only one factor, it turns out.

Everything under the sun

Capturing neutrino particles deep underground as they zap through the earth is telling researchers about the origins of our sun, the stars, and even the universe.

A project launched by an undergraduate student aims to save lives in Mali

Editorial: Joy and frustration

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